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Kiss truly child education: ザ of act of Nao herd Lv
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A few years before, the concept that teachs to Huadefu and means are read on the website, make me very excited, share everywhere. Review the course that oneself grow in family, school, the heart thinks, if all teachers and parents know Huadefu to teach, does study apply among them method and concept to teach the child are this much better?

Of course, this is a beautiful dream only, but I am certain, the dream can come true certainly! But premise is: All of us should be this beautiful dream to do a few specific businesses everyday.

Only the action just can produce a result!

I am bought from the bookshopHuang XiaoxingGentleman place writes " the education that marchs toward individual character " , there is feeling very much after reading. I know my daughter all the time in the educational concept that applies Huadefu, maintain spirit of body and mind with her of 3 administrative levels interactive. Those who make a person glad is I discover I also am in grow, this is brushstroke fortune really!

A famous psychologist Ceng Zhu has a book " we have psychological scar " , this one point of view is very direct and clear. But how many parents is in happen close child when conflict, become aware can soberly know to kiss child does the germ of conflict come from at oneself? The child is the one side mirror of alive bound inside us.

In the course that teachs a daughter, the shadow when I saw him childhood lives now to me, the influence of professional career, I and oneself immanent child encounters, I begin to apply all sorts of resource cure to heal oneself immanent child, study loves him.

Rearing the child is really one also is one has very much at the same time adorably those who challenge a gender is itinerary, I am faced ceaselessly true oneself, my joy, my joyance, the dismay that still has me and but, I all moods and experience.

Study can change a destiny! I advocate parents to be in all the time close child want in education " new knowledge yourself " . Yes, understand oneself more and more when us, pay attention to us the promotion of immanent mind power, ability meets our life character promote ceaselessly.

These year come, I and not little friend and student are shared the experience that grows together with the child and comprehend, believe this one article can help you open a window.

Huadefu teachs brief introduction

Yellow Xiao Xing

The Situgada that school of the first China heart blessing is in Germany at founding 1919 (Stuttgart) . At that time, yimiermote of home of course of study of state-owend enterprise of a heart (Emil Molt) invites basis of Shi Daina of Lu Daofu " the research positive result that person wisdom learns, the children of the cigarette factory worker that is him runs a school, name with the name Waldorf Astoria of the factory for) of German of Freie Waldorf Schule(. This school does very successfully, get of social all circles reputably, people thinks this is the example that teachs on behalf of future at that time. Later, the school that always carries out concept of this one education is called Hua Defu school (Waldorf School) , also be called school of Shi Daina of Lu Daofu " (Rudolf Steiner School) .
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