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Study is done " a minute of coach "
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The mystical force that you believe one minute?

Clever ground, one of using the life continuously, you also can create the miracle in life!

Muddleheaded mother teachs the child a lesson every day, clever mother exhorts every day the child, outstanding mother coachs every day the child. Your baby is little still perhaps, but you had thought, will you become which kind of mothers? Want to become which kind of mothers most in your heart?

Go up together with me " a minute of coach " course! Want you to put into practice only, you can have very big gains certainly, you also can become outstanding " a minute of coach " .

So called " a minute of coach " , it is to point to no matter how young mother is busy, should daily take out time to come, even if be time of a minute only, communicate in time with the child, communication, express your love to the child.

An enlightenment of the story

By the times literary press publishs " a minute of mother " in one book, have a such heartrending stories: Have the girl of a country, be called long for Di. Go to school everyday, she should have taken a difficult path alone. River water went up May when rising, arrive from on Sunday on Thursday, small long for Di to make a same dream in the evening everyday, in the dream, she goes on single-plank bridge, a wave gallops from upper reaches and come, swept she and single-plank bridge together. The morning on Wednesday, long for Di to plan to tell this dream to doing the mom of breakfast to kitchen house, but the woman waves, let her sweep the floor. On Thursday, in the morning case is the same as on Friday same on Wednesday, the woman did not say the time of the dream to her, the time that needs one minute only actually. Small long for Di to feel to subdue extremely, be in with pencil kitchen outdoor writes on the wall: "Woman, this dream that I miss to say to you is -- when I cross difficult path, was swept by flood. "

As expected, small that day when longing for Di to had taken difficult path, a billow gallops and come, swept she and single-plank bridge together. Small long for Di to also did not come back again.

If long for the time that the mother of Di takes out a minute to listen small long for Di to say a dream, perhaps she can send a daughter to cross difficult path, perhaps take other step, want her to spend a minute only, tragedy perhaps can avoid.

In our real life, how many mom can spend time to listen attentively to the child's aspirations truly? Have lots and lots of mom is not to do not have this one minute, however oversight a minute necessary!

"A minute of coach " connotation

Outstanding " a minute of coach " , spend time of a minute to teach the child only really everyday? Say exactly, "A minute of coach " it is the time with very few flower, go inspiring, directive him child teachs him, oneself manage oneself.
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