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Face the child capricious, the practice of abroad parents
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Of the child make parents has a headache extremely egoistically. Some children keep skipping to jump again again in house momently, a little while change arrives on sofa, climb a bed again a little while, be done extremely pell-mell in house, he himself also all of a muck of sweat, all over the face aglow; When some children watch TV, total love puts volume greatly, the family member cannot talk simply, learn and rest, wants a few to say him, he with respect to roughhouse, no matter water is on the ground,be mud, lie on the ground to cry to cry again again; Some children often are sent " the person comes mad " , the guest came, like to taking thing chaos to throw, deliver a cloth baby a little while, cast a small pillow again a little while, can kick a slipper into an appetizing chicken broth even.

Facing capricious child, parents often can't restrain his impulse, straight on the head builds cerebral ground to beat and scold, handle the situation of this your person awkwardness simply. But passed a few days, capricious remain as before of the child. So, the child is capricious how should do

According to the research of scientist of a few action, put forward following a few methods to be chosen for parents.

One, rest compulsively a short while.

To the child that skips to jump again again, as penalty, can adopt a child to take another hut, let him break away from made excited environment, two sober ground examine him, compulsive he rests a short while.

2, prescind force.

If the child loves to throw a thing before the guest, might as well target of a nylon is set on the door in house dish, when the guest comes, ask for those who get a guest to agree, everybody a cast, who to see be thrown definitely. The expression that satisfied a child already so desire, make the child learns to restrain his from inside game regulation again, the random resettlement that makes do not have foreword moves orderly contest.

3, a gentle suggestion.

If the child is fiddling with television volume, you must not loud shout curses, might as well the motion that makes ambulate gently at the moment in him, ask him again: "You know, mom likes how to watch TV most " guide him to put volume next small, ask him: "Why mom likes to be done so "

4, the consciousness that fosters ego management.

Capricious most the ability that one of prime cause are control of child lack ego, ego management. Notice the consciousness that fosters what child ego manages at ordinary times, it is the method of an effective. For example, let the child put the toy that plays into ark, sleep after getting up, build small pillow towel on the pillow, as time passes, he can learn to restrain him control, form the habit of good ego management.

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