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Leave home by the child the parent " leave "
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This caption is this paragraph of time I all the time of brandish do not go " strange thing " , without method, take make headline, is with everybody joint research explores this issue to go out where be?

Case language: The domestic education as a result of us is long-standing in the past bad behavior, cause a family to teach malign incident to happen ceaselessly. And the problem is more serious is, past is the child intolerable parent and from leave, same way is being used after developing these children to be brought up now " redound " the parent, the parent was not had however " homeless " person... we or else of this this society, education thinks over, the problem still is met more serious.

Say build up front courtyard is violent, a lot of people can think of the husband plays a wife, husband's father and mother hits daughter-in-law to wait. However, a kind of new-style family is violent -- the phenomenon that the child beats up the parent appears sadly, and have the power that grow in intensity...

Case answers put one: Be missing father --

Father begins to roam about, it is intolerable son only beat and scold...

Nowadays, either the son leaves home, however father leaves...

Xiaoluo's father was missing 8 days, his 18 years old life does not have assured source, begin to still feel to restrain him without the person, very free, can play footloosely to the top of one's bent in the Internet bar, but time grows, the flower became smooth cash miss a meal does not drink the Xiaoluo that go up, did not know how to get along, return the home, the chaos in the home must be in a complete mess, must not begin to search father with him, after many setbacks, father evaporated like the world however same, distant and out of sight does not have sign. He is confused, if father was done not have really, oneself are the following how does the time pass! He finds newspaper office and TV station, the hope gets social help.

People is very strange, if Laoluo is to have an accident, should have a news, if hereat meaning is avoided,rise, incorrect son is responsible, how can become father so! Through the effort of reporter leave no stone unturned, when finding the father Laoluo that small Luo Na appears very aged eventually, those who hear is another stories however: "I am odd dear father, because be afraid of,will stepmother can abuse the child for years, I did not remarry all the time, one individual drag child, these ten years I am really not demit it is too good that ground of innumerable trials and hardships endeavors to let the child. But the child is bigger and bigger, however not sensible, and grumpy. We live bungalow, must go up comfort station, the son is lost in now play game, pull make water to be in the home every time, want me to fall to him. I should go to work to steward even take care of him, I am a waist really tired folded, the disease of a suit, but he is absorbed in oneself are appropriate, if I have the place that what lets he is grouchy, dehisce is scolded, carry the hand is hit, do not know to had hit me how many times. You see my this arm, it is he gets angry a few days ago, a cup of boiled water pours those who iron on my body to give, I do not have method to just leave, the day that out does not have the home to do not have course of study to roam about is uneasy. I am built all one's life be on this child body, can be be used to defect of his a suit, I do not have method really, I always cannot make when slave to the son. He already 18 years old, grew up, let him himself think method feeds him, I all also arrived this when father's responsibility. "
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