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The expert is directive: Treat the child patiently grow
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"Angel " confabulate of requirement of son of disclose mom worry taking a walk, --

Did the person of pa Mom, the greatest desire is the child that expects his can fast grown grow into useful timber. But the child is really grown, parents has some of fear again however. Grown child can have trouble, grown child can have pressure, grown child must face complex society, grown child must assume responsibility.

Parental angst still has the part of little selfishness of course, the child that is brought up namely can fly away, can belong to oneself no longer. Everybody cannot reject the child to be brought up, the key is to make the child how grown.

Case study parents may block up child is brought up

The physiology that all sorts of modern methods observe have the aid of and can check infant mixes people psychology, but cannot forecast children to become what kind of person in the future however. Its reason depends on, the inner world of children is complex with change.

In the inner world of children, "Independent character " it is a serious content. As " independent character " develop, children wants gradually from depend on parents, to leave parents, move toward a society finally.

However, of children " independent character " development often gets however block up, going up somehow, the adult acted as block up children " independent character " the part of development.

This has the reason of two respects. Above all, the adult neglects children " inner world " existence. They do not understand children " inner world " , see children grows earlier weak condition only, think adult responsibility offers children to grow namely erroneously all sorts of material requirements that development place needs. Still some of person regards him as children " inner world " builder, cause children " inner world " the content with true lack.

Next, the adult forces the characteristic of own activity on children body. Adult activity has purpose sex and sex of effectiveness for a given period of time. They often give the activity that sends understanding children from this characteristic. They cannot bear the sight of the blame purpose sex of children activity and sex of blame effectiveness for a given period of time, always be try every means helps children do all sorts of businesses. Even with " fear wasteful time " , " be afraid of the child tired " for, will replace the child to do each business. Adult works hard by every means, those who change is children " inner world " atrophic.

Children must rely on him to just can develop, do not have a person to be able to replace him to be brought up. The dependence that lengthens children period, the dependence of can foster children.

Improve method to wait to lower stance patiently

The family teachs be grading. From 0~12 year old, basically be education child's good way of life, habit. If the child as a child nurturance a very good disposition, a bit growner when can oneself handle an issue, make the parent little hold a lot of hearts.
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