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How to do competent and the father and mother that has efficiency
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In 21 centuries, becoming father and mother is a very big challenge. We should become the professional public figure of a doctor, teacher or other side, the study that needs several years and practice ability reach professional level, become father and mother also... ... ... ... ... ...

Very old light parents is to become father and mother for the first time, upgrade for parents, did we teach our children with respect to true meeting as expected? Can you do good father and mother? And it is the standard that with the child's standard is not adult.

In 21 centuries, how do we do good father and mother this one part? Do competent and where is the secret of the father and mother that there is efficiency definitely?

It is the most important that parental ego grows

Department of psychology of university of Taiwan state-maintaineding politics teachs Zhong Saijia to begin from 1990, himself is guided " lane of work of training of parental efficiency system " , with " learn in do " means, let young father and mother review his educational concept, study the new method that communicates with the child. He trained 300 party leaders of above in Taiwan area not only, and also bred Singapore, 馬 come on the west inferior and other places kisses office teaching staff about a hundred times, in education kissing duty the respect accumulated much experience. For this, this print journalist specially interviewed him.

BellThe professor thinks: It is the most important that parental ego grows, parenting need study and grow, study is for the change, better faster land enters a part, become a more competent father and mother.

He says: Parental ego grows should from " ego understands " begin, in Taiwan, we have a few parents to attend first " parents becomes mill of long-term hired hand " , attend again next " lane of work of training of parental efficiency system " . Still have mill of marital EQ job additionally, help parents ego grows, more be good at handling domestic concern and issue, learn and master those who concern is close child communication skill and mood government technical ability, to the family harmonious very as helpful as joy.

Ego condition of parents how, immediate impact parentage and close child communication character, in Taiwan, also the child that some parents abuse him, this kind parents often oneself thing is good without processing, release undesirable mood on his child body. Such parents often lacks positive life attitude.

Want to become the father and mother that has efficiency, do not have shortcut to be able to go, must spend time. Above all the attitude that young father and mother wants to transform pair of children and the radical view to human nature, learn not to add value to reach the ground to listen attentively to the child to be communicated sincerely again next, this kind of democratic breeding manner ability and child are in close child the both sides in education is become win the home.
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