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The parent reads feature of Chinese type family education surely
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Child become father horse, father hopes children will have a bright future, have pity on Chinese parents heart! Lick the affection of calf, have to make a person touch, lick the way of calf however, be afraid still wait for improve! Review the fraud that Chinese family teachs, the person that indulge has, doting person those who have, the person that violate has, differentiate roughly, be like next types roughly:

(One) the mould makes model:

Support this kind of parent that teachs way, there are plenty of such people. This kind of parent, belong self-righteous person, always think oneself think of a way won't be wrong, always think oneself are love child, good for the child. Extremely severe to the child's requirement, the child's raise one's hand is cast sufficient, give detailed instruction, from the range pattern of habits and customs, activity, to interest of the limits method that read, interest, what work to the choice of major of the university entrance exam, graduation even is phyletic, get mandatory directive.

Little imagine, the person is the spirit of everythings on earth, the person's biggest advantage, it is to be good at a thought, be good at learning, be good at be being created in study, and mode of this kind of education, aeriform in, obliterated own study of the child and creativity. It is under this kind of mode, do not deny also a few children are accomplished somewhat, but more children, make the product that the mould makes however, the clone of parent original shape, the person's independence thinks with creativity, dim in these clone products subsidise. Long Shenglong, feng Shengfeng, the son of mice is met burrow, it is under this kind of mode, be afraid the offspring of dragon phoenix mice, it is " mice " !

(2) conservatory education:

The improvement of economic condition, child numerary decreases, make the parent more capable that energy will teach education child. Hold in both hands be afraid of in the hand, contain in the mouth to be afraid of changed, offer the child best study with growing condition, make up for when oneself are little be short of regret, , this is the common practice of the parent that is born in hard time.

Of the child eat, want to worry about, total afraid child is short of zincic little calcium; Of the child wear, want to worry about, inquire after sb's health, the aerospace from child room by air conditioning, to go out arm dental equipment, without did not reflect the parent's exquisite love; The child's travel, want to worry about, around the school spring outing, parents also should ask for leave company with; The child's association, want to worry about, the truth with the black person that act on close Chinese ink of one takes on the color of one's company, the child is only concessional with " outstanding " person (it is a standard in order to study result mostly) association; Of the child learn, should worry about more, from prenatal education, to in one's childhood the education of artistic quality (learn musical instrument to draw picture) for instance, to the school choice of enter a school, teacher choice, do not have what did not reflect the parent " wisdom " , till the child's graduation, professional choice, working choice, the sweetheart's choice, still want to worry about, having is to the end of one's days of spare no effort in the performance of one's duty.
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