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Recipe of Japanese parents godchild: Experience over homiletic
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At all times and in all over the world, parents of general the world does not have what do not hope children will have a bright future. What is the secret of success that Japanese parents godchild becomes dragon? According to Japan " times " weekly reported recently, the recipe of child of Japanese parents breeding is: Community check. They are not importuned blindly or rebuke child, develop study interest of the child patiently however.

With them an amuse oneself

Gao Qiaobo history it is a vet, have two sons. A day of dusk, gaoqiao's couple is pressed in scour of home lieutenant general and water after certain proportion mixes, fall in big bathtub, let two sons station arrive among bathtub next, reoccupy gauze pesters circle of part of speech rise ring child. Be in husband and wife two what raise circle of part of speech slowly is flashy, appeared below the setting sun one is just as the gorgeous big hubble-bubble like rainbow, the child whole surround inside!

Cheer the 2 people of brotherly of caper, the child all of home of equestrian admiral neighbour arrives home please in come, play a day indefatigably all the time black. In this experiment, gaoqiao's couple let children understand smooth refractive principle, and method of calculation of pH indicator of the solution when matching hubble-bubble water.

Nevertheless, gao Qiaobo history say: "Need not let them learn these knowledge immediately. As long as (parents) can mix their amuse oneself, children can generate interest naturally. Have how old and devoted, can have how old results, although these experiments cannot the study result that land of get effect instantly improves the child, but for the study ability to raising them, have quite great help however. "

"Domestic lab "

Now, class hour of the science department in Japanology school decreases somewhat, your him student starts work the chance that does a test is less and less also. And those interesting experiments in elementary school textbook, often can become the matriculation subject of middle school of a few famous brand again. How to do?

It is those who raise the child to start work ability, tree of show of Japanese writer tall bridge is flat built " domestic lab " , he often is taking a son to do a test together in the home. Father and son two had torn open a bicycle, had installed small motor, every time test is successful, their metropolis is extremely excited. Father and son two ever still had done a such tests according to the son's textbook: Heat first flask, wait for the cap on the water boiling rear cover in flask, in will heating cold water of bottom ministry immerge next, the water in one wait flask stops boiling to use cold water to be irrigated from flask top immediately, see the water in flask can appear what circumstance.

The with the explanation right answer in textbook is: Water can boil again. In the experiment, the instant that boils again when water, gao Qiaoxiu tree saw the alarmed and happy expression on son face.
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