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[godchild in the right way] the difference that square family education of Chine
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Social competition, it is the argue of knowledge and intelligence merely anything but, more it is volition, mentation is compared with what be an upright person go all out. As a result of setting of culture of historical tradition, society different, idea of western family education is existing in vast difference, from inside these difference, the idea that we can find out a lot of countries in be worth to grow study and practice --

● west parent thinks generally the child from what be born to rose to become independent namely that day individual, have oneself independent apiration and individual character. No matter be the parent, teacher or relatives and friends, non-privileged the behavior that goes control and restricting him, cannot make a choice for the child below most circumstance, want to make the child feels he is his host however, say what word below what circumstance even, the parent wants careful consideration, respect and understand the child's psychology. And Chinese parent asks the child is compliant, obedient mostly.

● west parent believes the child has the capacity that ego meditates and teachs commonly, the child wants him fatigue to do, oneself live, from fatigue pleasure gets in doing, gain all sorts of knowledge from inside start work, learn all sorts of skill.

The child can accomplish, let him himself do, this is the esteem to the child. There are such a lot of states in the west for instance: Father or mother go in front, the child that just learns to walk follows at the back to go. They think this is very important to the education of child independent character. Knock of child of parent for fear that is worn touching, often should be held in the arms or pulling the child to go.

The ideal photograph contrast of establish one's reputation as an authority of ● Hesperian child looking forward to is thinner, they design the child's future not elaboratively, the freedom that pays attention to the child however develops, become child education hard can get used to all sorts of environments, have the social person of independent viability. Their domestic education is full of the pioneering spirit, factitious jumping-off place that can make an earn one's own living in order to rear the child.

Be based on this kind of idea, a lot of families of western country take the child seriously very as a child oneself takes exercise. They think generally, of the child grow the power that must lean oneself, the free-standing consciousness that be fostered as a child accordingly and exercises the child and independent viability, let them recognize the value of labor in one's childhood from the child for example, let him child start work repair, assemble autocycle, partake building of the mow in the home, stucco, simple carpentry is repaired wait for handicraft work. In addition, go out even when miscellaneous labour, if summer pushs mower, winter for the person,shovel snow, autumn sweeps deciduous leaf to wait. Western child sends the work such as the newspaper with respect to what be engaged in as a child, itself bears hardships one kind namely mental training. In cold winter, when China with age the child still is in hot by when sleeping soundly in the nest, western child rises to send a telegram from door to door already. This looks likely in the Chinese parent of coddle children some " cruel " , is this looks be like " cruel " education, brought up the life competence of self-improvement of western child independence. In the process of this kind of exert a subtle influence on, the child grows to become independent to have gradually the citizen of viability and social sense of responsibility.
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