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First manual of 3 family education
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News.dayoo.com 2008 year on April 23 16:02 origin: Guizhou Metropolis Daily

The son just went up first 3 do not have a few days, produced be disgusted with to learn a mood, escape even the class goes the Internet bar plays game. I am very angry, criticise he does not learn well, it is irresponsible to oneself future. The son is indifferent to the ground to say, yes, if do not go to school, is I can sweep an ave only in the future? Sweep sweep, I am swept happily. Abrupt between, I feel, the truth all that I say with him before is trashy, because he has not loved to listen, also wanted to listen no longer. So, when he announces the decision of suspend one's schooling, I say to him with quiet state of mind, that it may not be a bad idea, your joy is good.

The son went up too eventually the happy life that he yearns for. Everyday, I do good meal to call him to eat. It when he gets up is OK that when he gets up. Watch TV, hit report to play, unlimited. Although I am fraught, look at auspicious days to be wasted by him. Look at his fiddle, spend dowdily everyday. But I must restrain the angst of own heart, because I am known deeply, as the parent, you cannot replace him to think already, also cannot replace him to grow. Do not drive in front of time to make a decision for him, because, life is him, he must learn to be in charge of to oneself.

Quiet time goes every day, I do not say a single word go to school, the thing that read, there was idea in his instead heart. One day, he says, get along so so, quite uninteresting also. I say, then I accompany you to play basketball. He says, do not have interest. I say, then I accompany you to play chess. He says, uninteresting. I say, then I accompany you to shop. He says, all right.

Rambling street, transient bookshop, he went in, flow before bookshelf of a platoon even. I follow silently in his back, silent as the grave. He wants what to say with me, kept back, did not say.

In the evening, he says, so get along, do not have interest quite. I say, but very happy. He says, happy, I do not feel, I feel insipid only. He says, why don't you promote the school, do not say with me, your classmate is reading in the school now, for prospective found, and you stay in the home all the day, faineant? I handhold his hand says, because,that is, I cannot replace you to grow. Arrive as a child big, I arrange everything your. I was used to gesticulate to you, was used to ask somewhat to you. You must be done by what I say, otherwise I keep talking about you. Now, I got punish, had a lesson. This is you go against those who turn over psychology is rising your what to bring about to also do not agree to listen to me, you say suspend one's schooling without losing one's status as a student with respect to suspend one's schooling. So, I realize eventually, I cannot replace you to ponder over a problem. All problems, you yourself must think independently, make judgement, make a choice. Unplug seedling not only cannot abet, still can destroy well seedling.
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