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How to develop cheeper maths potential
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Mathematical faculty of the person can say to be able to decide one of unripe lives and profession choose. How to develop mathematical potential of the child as a child, every parents should take seriously. Of the United States " committee of countrywide mathematics teacher " (NCTM) it is the devotes oneself to to raise maths to teach orgnaization with the greatest whole world, this organization already considered to develop crucial standard at present. These standards covered such as in the round to count each feeling, sides that solve the maths such as problem, maths communication, inference, connection, estimation, geometry and dimensional imagination, magnanimity, statistic and probability, fraction. Below brief explanation these standards, provide the specific means that provides operation sex extremely, in order to coach parents creates the appropriate environment that studies maths for the child, ground of earlier, utmost disentombs mathematical potential of the child. On the activity that designs among them and the mathematical ability that suggest not complete concentration is developing a child, mix to the education of integral quality of the child however development. Additional, the activity of the design is complete but the daily life that be in harmony takes the child, need not special appliance or careful and detailed plan. 0 young
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One. Several feeling and computation (namely count) education number feeling is not meeting count merely. What several feeling point to is easily with digital thought and job, understand the concern between all sorts of utility of several and number, it involves count, number add decrease wait for a respect. Computation conduces to the child understanding each aspects of maths, ying Congying infancy begins to notice to foster.   
Parental practice: ☆ lets the child figure the thing that everything can figure! Several objective can help the child understand a number better through personal experience. Accordingly, the optimal choice that mathematical game makes between you and child lets the child count the in kind in the life namely. The telegraph pole on street of exactly the amount or street lamp, practiced count not only, still foster rhythm feeling of the child and the impact that feel time and space. 4 young
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☆ to make the child learns effectively computation, can such: 1, the boy or girl friend that tells the child to await number shares how many; 2, when adult is saying a some number, pointing to corresponding objective object with the hand at the same time; 3, use finger when the tool; 4, help the child conciously successive count, do not jump over a certain number; Repeat majority a few times; A few simple number pour a move in chess or a movement in wushu, enhance child logarithmic to secure sequential understanding. 6 young
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☆ encourages the child to pick the thing with a color, appearance or same size, look for similar sex namely; Or seek different office, be like the case with the biggest winkle, allowing word of child manage skill use descriptive quantity and relationship. 8 young
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