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Family education of the psychology before the university entrance exam has his m
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Channel of xinhua net Shanghai the message was less than only from the university entrance exam on May 26 two weeks short, parents are fond of no longer ask number of fierce complement of discipline family education to change to children, ask psychological family education to help compose oneself of filial peaceful heart however, treat disease of all sorts of their angst of the university entrance exam. The author understands from center of a few family education, the demand of psychological family education jumps in eve of the university entrance exam.

"Be badly in need of family education of psychology of the university entrance exam, sincere hiring psychology is big 3, big 4 undergraduate studentses or graduate student, zhou Yi arrives week

Xiaoluo achievement ranks before grade 30 in famous brand high school all the time, but he becomes suddenly after imitate is taken an examination of silent not language. After coming home everyday not throat, eat a meal to guard a gate to close, do work quietly; Rise to also do not greet sb with parents in the morning, consider oneself go to school oneself. Filling in volunteer when, the Beijing University that small Luo Ye abandoned be being admired in the heart all the time and change fill university of Shanghai finance and economics. See son bellyful worry, do not be willing to start to talk all the time again conversation, collect mom is urgent, hiding the truth from son hair post to appeal, the hope searchs be close to the university that has psychological professional knowledge again with son age the heart knot of inborn unlock son. After psychological family education comes, collect mom just knows because a few times imitate takes an examination of play to wrong, achievement is not stabilized and be troubled,the son is, also generated serious suspicion to his ability at the same time.

Besides collect outside mom, occurrence memory of a few children drops wait " the university entrance exam is asked for integratedly " or arrive as a child big " meet one's deceased father surely dizzy " parents are worn urgently also for family education of psychology of filial look for. The author center of large teaching in home of Cong Huadong division, every day family education and understanding of sunshine family education arrive, draw near the university entrance exam, originally the demand of not common psychology family education jumps suddenly, sometimes one day can be received tens of advisory phone. It is reported, general psychology family education collects fees 1 hour in 30 - 45 yuan or so, collect fees than general course family education tower above is one times closer.

Parent state of mind

To psychology family education is about to greet return refus

To psychological family education, the manner of parents also is a view differ.

A few Gao Sanxue's unripe parents express, if the child appears really the situation with too tight psychology, unified exam Lv asks psychological family education. The tall gentleman that lives in rainbow mouth area points out, ask psychological family education, basically hope they and child talk about examination room point, impart exam experience, after all they had experienced the university entrance exam personally, understand exam situation than the parent, plus the age about the same, the child is more recipient if saying.
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