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Which kinds of child should ask family education
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The parent asks family education for his child, because discover the child,always appeared on study a few deviation. For instance, difference appeared on homework of child some door, or the ability of take an examination that is the child is poorer wait. The parent hopes to be able to carry teaching in home, the course that needs him child place fills in time come up. But, the circumstance of every student oneself is different, expression is on study, they have the difference that intellective element forms already, also have the difference that is not intellective element to form.

So, what kind of student suits to ask family education? The parent should understand this problem somewhat.

A teacher that pursues education for years thinks, the student that there is difference on study, general end is born for difference, it is inaccurate. Some pupils learn difference, because study habit is incorrect,be, if get the family education of experience is corrected in time having, can transform completely. Some students are very demanding on study, but agree to issue hard work husband to learn however, such student asks family education, have effect greatly.

The student teachs a new tax in the teacher when, savvy, acceptance and memorial capacity have difference. Some students understand very quickly on classroom, but forgot again until writing line of business a lot of; Some students understand slower, but after reasonable solution often can longer do not forget. Although the teacher knows very well this is nodded, but cannot take care of however when give lessons considerate, can have teacher and student according to the integrated ability of most student only. A few students are in formulary time, offset changes new knowledge to feel demanding. And the parent should face up to difference, admit difference occurs really, should observe oneself child, according to the good qualities of its oneself, weakness, help its learn to use the time below the class, digest and absorb learns knowledge.

Every belongs to the student of afore-mentioned circumstances, the parent invites a family to coach for its the teacher is cogent and useful. Teacher can seasonable, apace combines classroom content, help student understanding, rise, fill the knowledge with owing place come up, make its can be in catch up with the following day classroom education and do not lose study interest. The place on put together is narrated, when the parent is asking family education for the child, should understand the study situation that its get on in classroom, ability accomplishs have a definite object in view, improve efficiency.

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