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Full-time family education " firewood affection " go tall
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Website of professional invite applications for a job -- the newest data that net of China person of outstanding ability releases shows, current education grooms dimensions had appeared on the market bigger, run more scientific, brand to change management educational / to groom enterprise and orgnaization. These enterprises and orgnaization often have more abundant financing and persons qualified to teach to wait prop up, the educational / that absorbed abroad or native land science grooms mode and advanced management method, development reserve strength is very.

  is in net of China person of outstanding ability last week a list of names posted up of talent of 10 big education (see subordinate list) on, full-time family education before the row 10. It is reported, because a lot of learning that proofread the teacher below the banner to be engaged in paid family education took limitative step, emerge as the times require of full-time family education, its from the school teacher that before is for the most part in personnel of course of study. Because market demand is exuberant, full-time family education " firewood affection " wave all the way red, in the Zhejiang and other places that economy developeds, the monthly pay base salary of full-time family education has achieved 6000 yuan, still do not include the income such as deduct a percentage from a sum of money of source of student.

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 / of 10 big education grooms last week duty field position

  1 . Teach education researcher
  2. Education seeks advice from division
  3. Recruit students commissioner
  4. Teacher of full-time family education
  5. Recruit students manages a director
  6. Student guidance teacher
  7. Outstanding undergraduate family education (part-time job)
  8. English teacher
  9. Sale of market public relations
  10. Teacher of English part-time job