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Family education collects fees general expensive train actor squad too
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Family education collects fees general expensive earth up actor too class

Net of Guangzhou family education (2005-11-25)

Ask family education, on the class that earth up actor, it is the parent most two kinds of dependent extracurricular coach means. Is this both how to choose?
Come day after day, the reporter investigates discovery, family education collects fees actor or actress generally than earthing up expensive, the person that have teaching experience among them is compared again in school undergraduate expensive,
Professional family education is more expensive graduation year is more likely
As we have learned, general component is teacher of our city family education amateur and major two kinds. Dabbler hierarch should point to in school undergraduate, professional family education is to show the retired teacher that has experience of school teacher and student waits. Both collect fees difference is more apparent.
Introduce according to controller of network of Guangzhou family education, professional family education has experience of rich teaching of a gleam of and guidance the experience of medium, the university entrance exam, can undertake to enter a higher school " overall is held accuse " , undergraduate family education cannot be likened to this, suit graduation year student quite. But the fee that asks professional family education, average household stands harder.
It is good relative to effect of small child consciousness to earth up actor to collect fees
Be engaged in junior high school each course earths up actor some grooms relevant controller introduces the orgnaization, the orgnaization that earth up actor collects fees compare family education generally low. The total class hour that presses a phase and collect fees convert, 3 classes earth up language of junior high school, number, science actor is 10~15 commonly yuan / hour, class forehead is in commonly 50~100 person. Suffer the element effect such as forehead of teacher, brand, public praise, class, groom orgnaization price has wave motion, but maintain basically in this limits. It is course of junior high school coachs together, charge of undergraduate family education is 20~30 commonly yuan / hour.
Controller of network of Guangzhou family education expresses, family education is alone or minority coachs, teacher and student are communicated more comprehensive, education also has specific aim more. Groom orgnaization teacher has experience of teaching of a gleam of commonly, the standard is not as wrong as professional family education. But groom the orgnaization is mode of much person education more, the teacher undertakes very hard is aimed at education to every student.
Accordingly, groom although the orgnaization is low-cost, but not quite good to learning habit and basics student result is bad. Conversely, learn the student with strong consciousness, the choice grooms orgnaization, "Sexual price is compared " taller.
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