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Ask family education to not want to stare at a division only
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3 students small Wei returns remnant first the time of a few months is about in attending, took an examination of, can be maths still hinder sb. The teacher that mom asks a person to want to seek an officer everywhere gives fill: "Spend how many money to also be willing! "Spend how many money to also be willing!!

In the memory of a lot of parents, training of renown school teacher goes examinee of numerous much higher component, stand naturally high to look far. As we have learned, the price of average teaching in home is controlled 50 yuan in every class commonly, undergraduate family education is cheaper, have 10 only, 20 yuan of one class hour. Renown division wants 100 yuan the least, expensive criterion 200 yuan of above. The mother of small Wei is told, she has prepared to give 2000 money, the plan is used on the assault take lessons after school of small Wei weak division completely.

To the parent heat holds a division in both hands, concerned expert is not agreed with. The expert thinks, renown division is grow below the environment of renown school rise. The student group that what they face all the day is high quality, efficient education plans and manage, nature can make the education success of high proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade. And opposite to aptitude poorer student, they do not have certainly change its by difference the teaching experience of actor. Education is exquisite teach students in accordance of their aptitude, slant the classmate of the division needs more " act according to actual circumstances " . And renown division is in the school teaching job already very onerous, making up a missed lesson very hard on bet too much energy. The expert offers a piece of advice the aureola that the parent does not have blind faith in a division head to go up, it is OK to ask family education, but must let a teacher have detailed knowledge to the student beforehand, take lessons after school rises to just can have favorable effect.