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The story of the path must tell in growing
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1, break an arrow
Do not believe oneself volition, also do not become a general forever.

Times of age the Warring States, shiver of a father and his son go out for a battle. Father already became a general, the son still is pawn only. Another bugle blow, war drum thunderous, father holds an arrow bursa in the palm divinely, inserting an arrow among them. Father is earnest say to the son: "This is a Xi Baojian, deserve to take beside, force is boundless, but never take out come. But never take out come..

That is an extremely elegant arrow bursa, thick cowhide forge, by the side of the copper that setting faint floodlight, see shown arrow end again. Can maintain make with classy peacock feather. The son is radiant with joy, devouringly is suppositional the about of shaft, arrowhead, as if by ear whiz whizzingly arrow sound flits, hostile advocate Shuai Yingsheng folds a horse and kill.

As expected, the son heroism that matchs the arrow that take treasure is extraordinary, invincible. Should cry when the bugle blow of golden withdraw troops, the son also is unable to bear or endure again triumphant heroic spirit, abandoned father completely exhort, strong desire is driving his Hu Yisheng pulls out Bao Jian, try to look after all. Abruptly he was stupefied.

Break an arrow only, there is the arrow that breaks off only in arrow bursa.

I am hollowing to break an arrow to fight only all the time! The son is frightened gave a suit cold sweat, as if the house that mainstay loses between instantly, with a loud crash volitional cave in.

Result not character is axiomatic, son die tragicly at chaos army in.

Stroke opens drizzly smoke of gunpowder, father picks up that handle breaks an arrow, heavily spit readily: "Do not believe oneself volition, also do not become a general forever. Also do not become a general forever..

Place victory and defeat on a Bao Jian, how foolish, and give others the core of life and handle when a person, how dangerous! Place the hope on children body for instance; Place happiness on marital body; Place life safeguard on unit body...

Sweet clew: Oneself just are an arrow, if want it tough, if want it sharp, if want it to shoot with great precision, shoot with great accuracy, go through the mill it, those who save it can be oneself only.

2, the value of life

Do not let the dismay yesterday make the dream tomorrow dim and blank!

Be in on colloquium, famous oratorical did not tell an opening remarks, holding high however in the hand the money of a piece of 20 dollars.

Face 200 people in assembly room, he asks: "Who wants this 20 dollars? " the hand was lifted rise. He says then: "I plan to send you a medium this 20 dollars, but before this, allow please I do a thing. " he is saying to knead money posse, ask next: "Who even? " still somebody raises a hand to come.
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