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Invite the argument of family education
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My son reads elementary school 6 grade when, to let him exam of enter a higher school can be taken an examination of bit weller, the student that I gave him to ask an university English department gives him husband teaching. A week 2, 2 hours. Horary 50 yuan. My son is other each family is good, it is English not start off, how to learn not to go in. After asking family education, the child's enthusiasm rose a few, achievement also progressed. (son of Luo Nv person 13 years old)
I asked two family education to the child, one teachs maths, belong to the property of take lessons after school, because the maths of my daughter is not quite good; Another is to teach piano, girl, still should learn to be able to raise accomplishment and the creature that foster temperament besides study, and these are in the school to be able to not coach certainly she. So, serve as the parent to should create this condition to him, piano family education wants than mathematical family education a few more expensive, 100 yuan / hour. (daughter of lady of the Qin Dynasty 10 years old)
My child result is very right, but want to enter Tsinghua Beijing University in that way renown school, I still asked a family education to him. This family education is neighbour home was taken an examination of last year go up the child of Tsinghua, basically be cold, summer vacation undertakes coach integratedly to my child with communication. Their age differs not quite, each other hold out conversable. My child got be inspired not less, I feel to had been held out. (Mr Zhang son 16 years old)
Our couple job is very busy, accession wants to be away on official business on the weekend, lose the son to the old person, can get the safeguard on the life only. So, we discussed, asked husband of teacher of a youth to teach, can run my son point. (Ms. Jiang son 8 years old)
A what kind of family education to ask?
The author once saw a official notice that invite family education in the saw with one's own eyes in the campus of Beijing University: For an elementary school complementary derivative learns the boy of 3 grade, the requirement is the professor that Beijing University maths fastens. This annunciate causes an in an uproar, the Master of a lot of science department, undergraduate students anger anger unceasingly: do I connect elementary school does the maths of 3 grade coach not to come? And the doctor that maths fastens shakes his head promote sigh: I still may not coach really elementary school the maths of 3 grade, the thinking that leaves them too far. The report of more person is: Does the Yan that kill chicken use Niu Dao?
Current, a lot of parents have an error: Choose teaching in home the a bitth be about to choose record of formal schooling tall, school name is big. But in fact, choose a teaching in home, the key does not depend on fame big, and depend on comfortable do not suit. In resembling afore-mentioned example, complementary derivative learns the boy that gives an elementary school 3 year, a manage science that just attended a college gives birth to the likelihood more appropriate. Competent tutor, ought to be to be able to adopt all sorts of methods, should know the child above all the reason with bad homework; What do its have on the method that child of less important understanding is studying illness and there is drawback on the which link that masters intellectual skill, flaw; Be aimed at real difficulty of the child and problem next, have a system have specific aim coach or coach, those who make the child learns skill in place is overall hold on have must rise apparently. So, hold the position of family education that individual, the teaching material that must learn to child place, had done the research of thorough system, understanding, be good at be being communicated with the child, know thinking way of the child quite, the person of mentation.
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