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Ask the parent notice of family education
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1, ask a seasoned, family education that communicates well with the child, for instance the teacher of the school or the student of the university waits, go after a school and tall record of formal schooling not blindly.

2, before can asking family education, had better talk with the child, how do seeing the child think, such doing also facilitate and can communicate better between family education.

3, do not increase too much burden to the child. At present lesson burden of the child had been weighed quite commonly, if coach frequency too much, time is too long, make the child is in fatigue condition everyday, that result can be just the opposite to what one wished.

4, after asking family education, do not make the child beyond the mark depend on family education. Ask family education, the purpose ought to be the study method that helps child control science, when if family education is a child only,doing work won't the answer of the problem tells the child, that waited to ask the person of course of study of affectation of child of a side then. Resembling such family education is harmful only to the child, and without a bit benefit. Proposal parent had better give such family education a bit more quickly dismiss.

5, do not push the child completely to family education. Family education can help the child raise the study ability, study method that has mastered really, but of the child grow, the still comes from parents care that needs most and care.

6, make coach together with family education comprehensive plan of the child can make each other cooperation more cheerful.

7, the labor that values family education. Nowadays, a lot of those who make teaching in home is have not the undergraduate of experience world, they also are a big children only actually just. Some parents think family education does not pass is to give his " work " , OK with " employer " identity applies a hair to make to family education random, it is incorrect so, can let the child produce the psychology that a cut above others, wanton absurd is.

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